LGBT – the fight for humanity

by tiannasaurus

A dear friend of mine posted a status that reads:

“don’t teach kids homosexuality, it will just confuse them”
Teaching them that it’s okay to love whoever you want won’t confuse them. Teaching them that homosexual love is the same as heterosexual love won’t confuse them. 
Love is love.
It’s not that confusing???

And this brings something to mind I’m not necessarily proud about in the LGBT community.

While some people in the community understand this, I find many are stuck in this misunderstanding and misinterpretation of what the LGBT community is and should be

What comes to your mind when you think of the LGBT community? What do you see? What are we – the lesbians, the gays, the bisexuals and the transgendered – in your minds eye? What are we, to you? 

Some might say we’re a bunch of crazy lunatics kissing and screwing around with everyone in sight; while others might see a raging mass of people, painted neon and waving a rainbow flag. Some might see a community of people fighting for humanity for gay and lesbian people – and all of these are viable, logical opinions, though some of them may be more truthful than others.

The true reason why the LGBT community exists is often lost behind its stereotype. Gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered people use the community more as a title than a lively bunch of people bound together to fight for equality. “Oh, he’s gay, he’s part of the LGBT community” is a phrase we all hear often. Everyone uses the community as a stereotype, and totally miss the true meaning; why the community exists in the first place. The LGBT community is attempting to put itself onto the world stage of societal norms. Gay marriage is only legalized in 100-some areas of the world, which in reality, is not that good of an improvement; so I can sympathize with their efforts to be seen by other people.

However, by fighting for equality and legal marriage of same-sex couples, we are masking the true fight of the LGBT community. What the LGBT community is fighting for (in the long run) is the right for all gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered people to be viewed as human, regardless of sexual orientation. It’s the way the world should be. Instead of saying “I am gay,” I want to say “I am human.” I shouldn’t need the title of gay. I shouldn’t need any titles at all. I should just be human – and if my natural human instinct is to love girls, then that’s just who I am. I do not need the LGBT stereotype, I just need humanity. I want and need my basic human rights to love and live life to the fullest extent, just as my fellow straight friend may. 

And in saying that, I believe the LGBT community should not be exclusive to simply those fighting for same-sex marriage, or the right to be who they are without discrimination or criminalization of their sexual orientation. This community should open up to all people fighting for humanitarian rights. It should be a place where all those fighting to make the world a better, more equal place come together. We should quit attaching the stereotype to ourselves and really focus on equality – which starts in more areas than just same sex marriage. This community should be more than legalizing gay marriage; it should be about pride, and being happy with who we are: human. No matter what we are fighting for, everyone part of this community fighting for global equality should be proud of who they are. 

Going back to the origin of my friend’s status and summarizing my own thesis stated here, we can make change in this world as easily as clapping our hands. It starts with the children which will be raised in the next generation. A child does not come out of the womb broiling with hatred. It does not come out ready to discriminate – it is taught this negativity. If we teach our children to accept everyone as human, the world would see a wave of change. If we teach our children to love unconditionally, no matter who it is, we will see hate slowly ebb away into oblivion.

Love is love, and love cannot be trumped by anything. Love is our soul – it is the force that drives all men and women to live and breathe. If there was no passion, there’d be no life. So why don’t we live life the way it should be, and teach our children to do the same? Let’s go back to the fundamentals and simply just be human and love one another.